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ADA Actions in State Court
A CJER Online Course

An increasing number of cases against businesses are being filed in state courts by persons with disabilities for alleged failures to provide appropriate access to facilities or services. This online course summarizes the state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination based on physical or mental disabilities in providing access to businesses or public facilities, with a focus on claims that may be filed in state court, including small claims court.

Online Education Credit

Minimum education requirements, expectations, or recommendations, including fairness and access 2
Special education requirement—family n/a
Special education recommendation—juvenile n/a
Qualifying judicial ethics n/a
DV component
Temporary judge training n/a
MCLE Credit
Legal Ethics n/a
Elimination of Bias 1
Substance Abuse /
Mental Illness

Learning Goals

As a result of this course you will be able to:

  • List the state and federal laws that protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination by businesses that provide goods or services to the public.
  • Explain what are public accommodations and who are individuals with disabilities.
  • Recognize forms of discrimination.
  • Describe when policies and practices need to be modified or when auxiliary aids and services need to be provided.
  • Explain when the removal of a barrier is readily achievable and what accessibility standards apply to new construction or alterations.
  • State when you should grant a stay of the action and an early evaluation conference to a qualified defendant in an action alleging a violation of a construction-related accessibility standard.

Note thisClick here for discussion of training requirements for an early evaluation conference officer.

This course contains numerous review questions. These are training exercises for your own practice; no record is made of any of your responses to the questions.

Your feedback is important to us for the development of future courses. After finishing this course, please take a few minutes to complete the Evaluation form. After completing the evaluation, you may print a certificate of completion for your own records. This course will help satisfy your continuing education needs.

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This course covers legislation, rules, and forms effective through January 1, 2013.


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