[JUDGE] “Hey, I can see our house from here. We’re almost finished!”
[Jeopardy] “Ruff, ruff.”
[Judge] “I agree, Jeopardy. Let’s enact one last portion of an arraignment before we’re all done. In this situation a defendant is eligible for deferred entry of judgment.

In court—

Judge: In the matter of the People v Jo Davis. Counsel, please state your appearances.

DA: Assistant District Attorney, Maura Mai, for the People.

PD: Deputy Public Defender, Will Walker, for defendant Jo Davis.

Judge: Ms. Davis, you are accused of having committed the crime of unauthorized possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, on or about Saturday, December 1st at 3:00 p.m. Your attorney has informed me that you would like your case referred to the probation department in order that a report may be prepared for possible grant of deferred entry of judgment. Do you have any questions about the deferred entry of judgment program?

Defendant:  No, your Honor.

Judge: … Ms. Davis, do you consent to have your case referred to the probation department for preparation of a report so that you may be considered for Deferred Entry of Judgment?

Defendant: Yes, I do.

Judge: You are entitled to a speedy trial within 45 days of your arraignment or entry of plea, unless you agree to a date beyond that time. Do you have any questions as to that right?

Defendant: No, I don’t.

Judge: For your case to be referred to the probation department, you must waive your right to a speedy trial. At this time, do you give up your right to a speedy trial?

Defendant: Yes, I do.

Judge: Mr. Walker, do you join in the speedy trial waiver?

PD: Yes, your Honor.

Judge: The court finds that the defendant has expressly, knowingly, and intelligently waived her rights to a speedy trial.
It appears to this court that the defendant is eligible to have entry of judgment deferred. This case, pursuant to Penal Code section 1000, is hereby referred to the probation department for an investigation and report. A hearing on deferred entry of judgment will be held in two weeks.

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