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Welcome from CJER

Welcome to the Arraignments Primer!
A CJER Online Course
California Center for Judiciary Education and Research (CJER)

This course, one in a developing series of online criminal law and procedure primers, provides a general overview of the types of issues a judge will encounter during his or her criminal calendar.

We'll give you feedback throughout and provide links to applicable authority. These quizzes are for your own practice only; no record is made of any of your responses.  The program takes about one and one half hours to complete.

The “Resources” and “Help” buttons will be available to you throughout the course. Just click on them whenever you'd like more information.

When you finish the entire course, we'll ask you to fill out an online evaluation and print out a certificate for your files so you can verify that you took this course.

Good luck dealing with these issues.


Creating this online course has been a group effort. The list of credits below is eloquent testimony to the number of people and many hours that went into its creation.

But development of an online course does not end here. Feedback from those who take the course is critical to its evolution and the design of future courses. We expect to offer more online judicial education courses in this and many other areas. By submitting your evaluation and comments after taking this course, you will become part of the development team and help refine the model for future courses.

Thanks in advance for taking time to contribute to the development of CJER's judicial education online course library.


Many thanks to the following judicial officers and Judicial Council of California staff who gave generously of their time and whose thoughtful comments contributed significantly to the development of this course.

Judicial Officers

Hon. Barbara Kronlund
Hon. Marla Miller
Hon. Jose Sandoval
Hon. Mary Ann O'Malley
Hon. Marla Anderson
Hon. Loretta Giorgi
Hon. David Rosenberg
Hon. Garret Wong

CJER Staff

Diane Cowdrey, Director
Jim Vesper, Assistant Director
Bob Schindewolf, Managing Attorney
Kimberly DaSilva, Publications Attorney
Ralph McMullan, Supervising Media Production Specialist
Mandy Covey, Media Production Specialist

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