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     Module 4      Examples

Juvenile Dependency

Sue Matthews, the boys' mother

The boys’ mother, Sue Matthews, suddenly ran in to the hospital, demanding to know what had happened. Officer Harper told her. Then he was called away.

Sidnoy explained to Matthews that, because one of her children had been injured while left unsupervised, there would be an investigation and her sons were being placed in temporary protective custody until a hearing could be held. Matthews began shouting and cursing at Sidnoy; hospital security had to step in to subdue her.

Sidnoy knew she must conduct initial ICWA inquiry, but under the circumstances she could not interview Matthews.

Sarah SidnoySidnoy asked nine-year-old Alfred if there were any relatives who would take good care of him and Albie for a while. Sniffling, Alfred said, “My grandpa.” He said the name of his grandfather’s town, but she didn’t recognize it. She then asked him if he or Albie had any Indian or Native American family members. He shook his head no.

It was late, so when Alfred and Albie were released to her care, Sidnoy took them to a temporary foster placement. She planned to prepare a dependency petition the next morning. It seemed entirely appropriate to consider out-of-home placement for the children.

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