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ICWA Inquiry and Notice
Online Coursework Credit
Minimum education requirements, expectations, or recommendations, including fairness and access 4
Special education requirement—family n/a
Special education recommendation—juvenile n/a
Qualifying judicial ethics n/a
DV component
Temporary judge training n/a
MCLE Credit
Legal Ethics n/a
Elimination of Bias n/a
Substance Abuse /
Mental Illness

Welcome to ICWA Inquiry and Notice, a self-paced online course for members of the California court and law enforcement communities with roles in implementing the Indian Child Welfare Act. The people taking this process-oriented course include:

It is fine to take the four modules on different days, but please make sure you take them in order. (Module 1, Overview, is essential for understanding the other modules.)

Throughout the course, tips, cautions and alerts can be read by clicking their respective buttons. Some are directed at anyone taking the course, like these:

Click for a Caution Example Click for a Tip Example

Click for an ICWA Alert Example

Others are specific to judges, clerks, or petitioners (such as probation officers or social workers); these are clearly labeled, like this:

Judge Tip Example Petitioner Tip Example

Probate Judge Tip Example Judge Caution Example
Judge & Clerk Tip Example

Online coursework credit: 4 hours

At the end of the course there is a conclusion page, which will lead you to a certificate of completion that can be printed for your records.

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