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Welcome to CJER’s online course on Juvenile Delinquency Hearings. Because this course is online, it is always available, which makes it especially useful for judges and SJOs who have been recently assigned to juvenile court. It also provides more experienced judges and SJOs with a helpful refresher course and convenient source for statutes, rules, and forms.

As with CJER publications, this online course is a group effort. The list of credits below is eloquent testimony to the numbers of people and many hours that went into its preparation.

But development of an online course does not end here. Feedback from those who take the course is critical to its evolution and the design of future courses. We expect to offer more online judicial education courses in the areas of criminal and civil topics. By submitting your comments after taking this course, you will become part of the development team and help refine the model for future courses.

Thanks in advance for taking time to contribute to the development of CJER's judicial education online course library.




Many thanks to the following judicial officers who gave generously of their time and whose thoughtful comments contributed significantly to the development of this course.

Hon. Pat Bresee (Retired), Superior Court of San Mateo County
Hon. Peter S. Helfer, Superior Court of Sacramento County
Hon. Daniel M. Horton, Superior Court of Sacramento County
Hon. Carol Isackson, Superior Court of San Diego County
Hon. Patrick J. Mahoney, Superior Court of San Francisco County
Hon. Colleen M. Nichols, Superior Court of Placer County

CJER staff

Diane E. Cowdrey, Ed.D., Director
Bob Schindewolf, Managing Attorney
Jeff Shea, Senior Publications Attorney
Iris Okura, Senior Editor
Ralph McMullan, Senior Media Production Specialist
Mary Durbin, Web Developer
Mandy Covey, Web Developer

Content Review

Deborah Hedger, Attorney at Law

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