DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Restraining Orders

A CJER Online Course
for Judges, Commissioners, and Referees

Each judge, commissioner, or referee who hears family, criminal, juvenile delinquency or dependency, or probate matters must participate in appropriate education on domestic violence issues, as required by Cal Rules of Court, rule 10.464. In addition, each judge, commissioner, or referee whose primary assignment is in one of these areas must participate in a periodic update on domestic violence issues. This online course will help bench officers satisfy these educational needs as part of their requirements and expectations under Cal Rules of Court, rule 10.462.

About This Course

This online course provides an overview of domestic violence protective orders and related restraining orders in criminal and juvenile proceedings. For a related course that reviews civil harassment, elder and dependent adult abuse, workplace violence, and private postsecondary school violence, see the online course Restraining Orders Against Harassment, Abuse, or Violence.

We’ll give you feedback throughout and provide links to the governing code sections. The review questions are for your own practice; no record is made of any of your responses.

Your feedback is important to us. After finishing the entire course, please take a few minutes to complete the Evaluation form. After completing and submitting an evaluation, you may complete and print out a certificate of completion for your records.

Learning Goals

Online Coursework Credit

Minimum education requirements, expectations, or recommendations, including fairness and access 2
Special education requirement—family n/a
Special education recommendation—juvenile n/a
Qualifying judicial ethics n/a
DV component
Temporary judge training 2
MCLE Credit
Legal Ethics n/a
Elimination of Bias n/a
Substance Abuse /
Mental Illness

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

We estimate that the course may take you 2 hours to complete, depending on your experience. If you cannot complete the course in one session, consider completing it in two sessions. For example, you can first complete Sections 1 and 2, which cover protective orders under the DVPA. In a final session, you can complete Sections 3–4, which cover protective orders issued in criminal or juvenile proceedings. Note the section number or screen page where to resume if you complete the course in two sessions.

Start the course by selecting any Section title above in the Jump menu, or simply click the Next Arrow below.

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This course covers legislation and rules through January 1, 2013.

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