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§2.06 Compelling Attendance or Production

You may:

  • Issue a citation directing a parent or guardian to appear, and directing the present caregiver to bring the child to court [WIC §338; CRC 5.526(a)];
  • Issue a warrant of arrest against a parent, guardian, or caregiver [WIC §339; CRC 5.526(b)];
  • Order a protective custody warrant or warrant of arrest for a child [see WIC §340; CRC 5.526(c)]; or
  • Authorize issuance of a subpoena requiring attendance, testimony, and the production of papers [see WIC §341; CRC 5.526(d)].

If a child, parent, guardian, or Indian custodian is present in court, you may order any of them to appear again before you or the social worker, probation officer, or county financial officer at a specified time and place. [WIC §296; CRC 5.667(a).]

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