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§3.09 Social Worker’s Report

You may rely on the social worker’s report, or on police or probation reports or other documents, in deciding whether the child should be detained. The reports must include [WIC §319(b); CRC 5.676(b)]:

  • Reasons why the child was removed from the parent’s physical custody;
  • A description of the services already provided;
  • A description of any available services that would facilitate the child’s return to parental custody;
  • The need, if any, for continued detention; and
  • Information about the noncustodial parent or other relative who is able and willing to take temporary physical custody.


The social worker’s report is required to apprise you of all relevant facts and circumstances, and at each stage of dependency proceedings, the social services agency is statutorily mandated to prepare social study reports and make recommendations to assist you. [In re Valerie A. (2007) 152 CA4th 987, 1011.]

The child, parents, and guardians may cross-examine anyone who prepared any report considered by the court or who was examined by the court. [WIC §311(b); CRC 5.674(d).]

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