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1. If a child is not detained, you must hold an initial hearing on the petition within how many days after the petition is filed?

a. 10 court days
b. 15 court days
c. 20 court days

2. You must appoint counsel for a parent if the child was removed from the home and the parent is indigent.


3. At the detention hearing, the child should not be released if DSS shows either substantial danger to the child’s physical health or that removal is the only reasonable means to protect the child’s physical or emotional health.


4. To remove the child from the parent’s custody, you must find all of the following:

  • A prima facie showing was made that the child is a person described by WIC §300;
  • One of four grounds for detention under WIC §319(b) exists;
  • Reasonable efforts were made to prevent removal;
  • Continuing in the parent’s home is contrary to the child’s welfare; and
  • Temporary placement and care is vested with DSS.


5. At the initial hearing, you should

a. Defer decisions about the child's educational rights and needs until the disposition hearing.
b. Wait for the social worker to raise any issues regarding the child's educational needs.
c. Inquire about the child’s educational needs and the progress to enforce the child’s educational rights.

6. If the parent or guardian is unavailable, unwilling, or unable to exercise educational or developmental services rights for the child, you should:

a. Delegate educational or developmental services responsibilities to the CASA.
b. Appoint an educational or a developmental services representative for the child.
c. Assign educational or developmental services responsibilities to the child's attorney.

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