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§4.03 Time of Hearing

You must set the jurisdiction hearing [WIC §334; CRC 5.670(f)]:

  • Within 15 court days of an order to detain the child; or
  • Within 30 calendar days from the date the dependency petition is filed if the child is not detained.

You may grant requests for continuances pursuant to WIC §352 and CRC 5.550 on a showing of good cause, and a determination that the continuance is not contrary to the child’s best interests. The convenience of parties or a stipulation by counsel alone is not good cause. [WIC §352(a); CRC 5.550(a)(2).] Continuances are discouraged in dependency cases. [In re Giovanni F. (2010) 184 CA4th 594, 604.]

For a form of continuance for use at the jurisdiction or later hearings, see form JV-406.


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