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§5.08 Social Worker’s Report

Forty-eight hours before the disposition hearing, DSS must submit a social worker’s report (or social study), including all factors relevant to disposition, a disposition recommendation, and the child’s case plan. [WIC §§358(b), 358.1; CRC 5.690(a).] A written case plan must be developed in any case in which family maintenance or family reunification services are provided. [See WIC §16501.1(d), (e), (f)(13); In re Valerie A. (2007) 152 CA4th 987, 1011 (at each stage, the social services agency must prepare social study reports and make recommendations to assist the court).] You must find that a child age 12 or older and in permanent placement was given an opportunity to review, sign, and receive a copy of the case plan, or you must order the agency to do so.  [CRC 5.690(c)(3).] For a printable list of the contents of a social worker’s report when removal is recommended, click on the checklist below.

If a parent is incarcerated, the case plan must include information, to the extent possible, about the parent’s incarceration in county jail or state prison during time that the child is involved in dependency care. [WIC §16501.1(b)(3).] The case plan must also address an appropriate educational plan for the child. [WIC §16501.1(f)(8).]

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