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§5.11 Informal Supervision

If you find that the child is a person described by WIC §300 but do not declare the child to be a dependent, you may [WIC §360(b)]:

  • Order that family maintenance services be provided; and
  • Order the child to remain with his or her parent or guardian under the informal supervision of the social worker.

The child and parent must be able to successfully complete the program within 6 to 12 months. [WIC §§301(a), 360(b).]

If the parent is a dependent at the time that a program of supervision is offered, and if counsel has been appointed for the parent, the program of supervision must not be undertaken until the parent has consulted with his or her counsel. [WIC §§301(c).]

REFERENCE >> For a form of order to dismiss a petition with or without informal supervision, see form JV-416.

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