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§5.21 Other Findings and Orders

You may make other findings and orders at the disposition hearing, including:

  • A finding of parentage [see WIC §316.2; CRC 5.635; See also Part 1, §3.07];
  • Findings regarding previous detentions or voluntary out-of-home placement [WIC §§361(e), 366(a)(1)];
  • An order that a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other clinical expert evaluate the child [WIC §370];
  • An order to evaluate the child’s use of narcotics or drugs [WIC §359];
  • An order to treat the child’s mental disorders with psychotropic medication [WIC §369.5(a), (c); CRC 5.640(b)(1); see form JV-220];
  • A temporary or permanent restraining order [see WIC §213.5; CRC 5.620(b), 5.630];
  • An order requiring periodic reports from the social worker [WIC §365]; and
  • An order requiring all parties to appear at all future hearings.


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