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§6.03 Notice of Hearings

[1] Who Receives Notice
[2] Length of Notice

[1] Who Receives Notice

The social worker must give notice of the review hearing to the following people [WIC §§292(a) (child not removed), 293(a) (child removed), 366.21(b), 366.22, 366.25; CRC 5.565(c), 5.708]:

  • Mother and any presumed father or father receiving services;
  • Legal guardian;
  • Child if age 10 or older;
  • Any known sibling and his or her caregiver and attorney if the sibling is a juvenile dependent or the subject of a dependency proceeding;
  • Each attorney of record not present when the hearing was set;
  • The child's CASA volunteer [CRC 5.708];
  • An Indian child's identified tribe;
  • Current caregivers of a child removed from the physical custody of the parents, including foster parents, relative caregivers, preadoptive parents, nonrelative extended family members, community care facility, or foster family agency; the notice must indicate that the person notified may attend all hearings or may submit any information he or she deems relevant to the court in writing [CRC 5.534(n)]; and
  • The educational or developmental services representative appointed for the child, if there is one [WIC §361; CRC 5.650(j)].

Notice is not required, however, for a parent whose parental rights were terminated. [WIC §§292(b), 293(b).] As of January 1, 2012, notice is also not required to a parent of a nonminor dependent as defined by WIC §11400(v), which includes qualifying dependents over the age of 18 and under the age of 21. [WIC §293(b).] For a form of notice of a review hearing, see form JV-280.



[2] Length of Notice

Notice must be served not earlier than 30 days, nor later than 15 days, before the hearing. [WIC §§292(c), 293(c), 366.21(b).]

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