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§6.04 Advisement of Rights

At review hearings, you may wish to advise the parties of their rights under CRC 5.534. [See Part 1, §3.04.] This is ordinarily not done at a review hearing unless it is the parents’ first appearance or special issues (such as new allegations) have arisen. If you give advisements, advise any unrepresented parent or guardian of the right to retain counsel and of the right to court-appointed counsel if the parent is unable to afford counsel. [CRC 5.534(g), (h).]

You may also advise the party of [CRC 5.534(k)]:

  • The right to confront and cross-examine the persons who prepared reports or documents submitted to the court by the petitioning agency, and the witnesses called to testify at the hearing;
  • The right to use the process of the court to bring in witnesses;
  • The right to present evidence in court; and
  • Any right to assert the privilege against self-incrimination.

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