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§6.05 Evidence

At review hearings, you may receive testimony and other admissible evidence relevant to [see WIC §§355(a), 366(a)(1)]:

  • The child’s status;
  • The continuing necessity for and appropriateness of the child’s placement;
  • The extent of compliance with the case plan;
  • Plans for sibling interaction; and
  • The progress made toward alleviating or mitigating the causes necessitating any placement in foster care.

You must review and assess the progress made toward reunification, and whether reasonable services were provided. Evidence that you must consider in making your assessment includes the [WIC §§366.1, 366.21(c), (e), (f), 366.22(a), 366.25(a); CRC 5.708]:

  • Social worker’s report,
  • CASA report,
  • Caregiver’s report,
  • Case plan, and
  • Supplemental report.

You must also consider any criminal history of the parent or legal guardian after the child’s removal when that parent or legal guardian agreed to submit fingerprints as part of the case plan to the extent that it substantially relates to the welfare or returned custody of the child. [WIC §§366.21(e), (f), 366.22(a), 366.25(a)(1).].


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