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§7.06 Assessment

Whenever you order a .26 hearing, including when, in consultation with the child's tribe, tribal customary adoption is recommended, you also must direct DSS and any appropriate adoption agency to prepare an assessment. [WIC §§361.5(g), 366.21(i), 366.22(c), 366.24(b), 366.25(b); CRC 5.708(n).] The assessment must be filed at least 10 calendar days before the .26 hearing so copies and a summary recommendation can be distributed to the parties and representatives. [CRC 5.725(c).]

At the .26 hearing, you must state on the record that you read and considered the assessment, as well as any CASA or caregiver report or other evidence. [WIC §366.26(b); CRC 5.725(d).]


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