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Review Question §7.14 Review Questions

1. You must set a .26 hearing within 120 days from disposition, or within 120 days from the denial or termination of reunification services at a periodic review hearing.


2. To terminate parental rights at a .26 hearing, you must find by a preponderance of the evidence that it is likely that the child will be adopted.


3. Even if the child is a proper subject for adoption and reunification services were not offered or have been terminated, you may decide not to terminate parental rights if that will be detrimental to the child under specified statutory grounds.


4. If you terminate parental rights at a .26 hearing, you must order that:

a. The child be referred for adoption
b. A legal guardian be appointed
c. The child be placed in long-term foster care

5. If you do not terminate parental rights at a .26 hearing and adoption or tribal customary adoption is not in the child’s best interests, you may:

a. Return the child home
b. Appoint a legal guardian and issue letters of guardianship
c. Place the child in long-term foster care
d. Either b or c

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