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§8.01 Purpose

The purpose of a postpermanency planning review hearing is [WIC §366.3; CRC 5.740]:

  • To ensure that all permanency planning options are considered; and
  • To complete any adoption or legal guardianship as expeditiously as possible.

At a postpermanency planning review hearing in which the previously selected permanent plan is long-term foster care, the legislative preference is for adoption over legal guardianship over long–term foster care; you must proceed under a presumption that long-term foster care is inappropriate, and are obligated to act accordingly. [M.T. v Superior Court (2009) 178 CA4th 1170, 1178.]

Nonminor Dependent Status Review. The primary purpose of a nonminor dependent status review hearing is to focus on the goals and services described in the nonminor dependent’s Transitional Independent Living Case Plan and the efforts and progress made toward achieving independence and establishing lifelong connections with caring and committed adults. [CRC 5.903(a).]

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