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§8.02 Time of Hearing

You must hold this hearing six months after you select a permanent plan (adoption, tribal customary adoption [WIC §366.24], guardianship, or foster care), and every six months thereafter until the dependency is dismissed. [WIC §366.3(a), (d); CRC 5.740(a), (b).]

You may also hold this hearing earlier than every six months if you determine that the earlier review is in the child’s best interests or as court rules prescribe. [WIC §366.3(k).]

A status review hearing for a nonminor dependent conducted by the court or by a local administrative review panel must occur no less frequently than once every six months. [CRC 5.903(b)(1).] The hearing is placed on the appearance calendar, held before a judicial officer, and recorded by a court reporter. Often it is the first hearing following the nonminor dependent’s 18th birthday, or the first hearing following the resumption of juvenile court jurisdiction over a person as a nonminor dependent. [CRC 5.903(b)(2).]

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