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This course works best in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 (or above). You will need Macromedia Flash Player 6 (or above) in order to view the course Previews and Activities. You will also need the free Acrobat Reader 5 (or above) to view the Resources.

Your browser preferences MUST be set to “JavaScript enabled” in order to take this online course.

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The course text is presented in three Parts, which are subdivided into sections 1.01 through 8.07. Although it is preferable to start at the beginning and complete each part, the navigation tools allow you to jump between the parts according to your needs.

You can navigate through the course in several ways. Clicking on any Part tab in the upper left side of the screen reveals subpart titles. Holding your cursor over any subpart title reveals a list of sections for that subpart. Clicking on any section title takes you to the beginning of that section. At the bottom of each page, there are links to the next page and previous page. You can also click on Table of Contents and go to the page that contains the outline of all headings. Clicking on a heading will take you to that section.

At the top of each page is a toolbar with links to:

  • Introduction: Takes you to the first page of the course.
  • How to Use This Course: Takes you to this page.
  • Source Materials: Opens a separate window containing the text of Welfare and Institution Code sections cited in the text.
  • Evaluation: Takes you to the course evaluation form.
  • Exit: Quits the course.


WIC = Welfare and Institutions Code
CCP = Code of Civil Procedure
EC = Evidence Code
FC = Family Code
GC = Government Code
H&SC = Health and Safety Code
PC = Penal Code
CRC = California Rules of Court
SJA = Standards of Judicial Administration
USC = United States Code
CFR = Code of Federal Regulations
CCR = California Code of Regulations


Citations to the Welfare and Institutions Code are linked to source materials so that you can quickly read the primary governing code section. Terms commonly used in dependency proceedings are highlighted in orange. A definition of the term will appear in a pop-up window when you place your cursor over it. Links to the five CJER juvenile dependency benchguides are also included.

To assist you in taking this course, the following special tools, among others, may be printed out from the Resources menu:

  • Flowchart of Dependency Proceedings
  • Chart of Title IV-E Findings
  • Chart of Statutory Exceptions to Reunification Services Orders


Some terms are highlighted in orange. When you place your cursor over a highlighted term, a definition appears as a tooltip. The course contains special features identified by icons:

How Would You Rule?
This icon takes you to a hypothetical situation applying a principle about which you just read. You will be asked to make a decision and then told whether your answer was correct and the reasoning behind the answer.
How Would You Rule?
When you click on the Question and Answer Icon, you will hear and read a question about an aspect of the text you just read. Click on the answer link to hear and read the answer.
Question & Answer
The Example Icon will take you to an example that illustrates the principle about which you just read.
Click on the Tip Icon to see practical advice or additional points relating to the text you just read.
Clicking on the Caution Icon will alert you to critical steps to be taken or advisements to give parties.
Located at the end of each Part and sometimes within a section, the Review Icon will take you to review questions with a choice of answers. By clicking on an answer, you will see if it is correct and the reasoning behind the correct answer.


  • Sequence: You are asked to organize a list of hearings into the proper chronological sequence, or a list of findings into the proper order of preference.
  • Match: You are given a concept or issue and must identify the hearing at which the concept or issue arises. You identify as many hearings as possible within a given time limit. The selection of questions changes each time you play.
  • Glossary Review: In this game you are given a definition of a juvenile dependency term. You are then asked to type letters into the empty boxes and guess the word or phrase within a certain number of tries.


If you are having difficulty in taking this online course or in obtaining your certificate of completion, please let us know.

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