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§1.02 Typical Consumer Claims

This course will provide you with a brief overview of consumer law and other areas of substantive law applied in small claims actions. Some common areas of consumer law that you will hear, plus other topics required for temporary judge training, are [see CCP §116.240(b); CRC 2.813(c)]:

  • Residential security deposit laws (may vary by county);
  • Vehicle sales, leases, and repairs;
  • Home improvement laws;
  • Professional and occupational licensing;
  • Tort law and contract law;
  • Negotiable instruments law;
  • Consumer sales protection laws;
  • Warranty law;
  • Credit transactions laws; and
  • The Electronic Fund Transfer Act.
Other actions that may fall within the jurisdiction of small claims court include actions between a homeowner association and its members regarding election and voting rights, the inspection of association records, and the collection of delinquent assessments. For discussion of such actions in small claims court, see California Judges Benchbook: Small Claims Court and Consumer Law, ch 5 (Cal CJER).
Lesson 1:
Small Claims
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