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Review Questions §4.10 Review 

Lesson 4:
Home Repair & Licensing

1. Which of the following are exempt from the Contractor’s License Law?

a. Building owner repairing roof

b. Architects

c. Handyman (working for under $500 per job and does not advertise that he or she is a contractor)

d. Carpet installer

e. Alarm system installer

f. All the above except (d)

g. None of the above

2. May an unlicensed contractor recover in law or equity when he or she performs the work according to the contract but the homeowner refuses to pay?

Yes, even if the contractor was aware he or she was unlicensed

No, not when the contractor is aware he or she was unlicensed

3. A homeowner knowingly uses services of an unlicensed contractor. The contractor then does not complete the work in a reasonable amount of time. Can the homeowner recover the compensation paid to that contractor?



4. After Carl Contractor finished adding on a new room to Homeowner’s house, Homeowner asks Carl to paint the room. Carl Contractor agrees. Their agreement is not put in writing. Once finished, Carl seeks payment for the painting work but Homeowner refuses to pay, explaining that he doesn’t like the color and wants the room repainted. Can Carl Contractor recover payment for the extra work he has performed?

Yes, Carl can recover payment under the oral agreement.

No, Carl cannot recover payment under the oral agreement.

5. Carl Contractor was giving free home inspections to promote his business. He inspected Elderly Homeowner’s home and saw that the siding was recently replaced, but falsely stated that some of the siding was defective and needed to be replaced, and that he could do the work fast and cheap. They enter into a contract, Carl replaced some of the siding, and Homeowner paid the contract price. Homeowner's daughter comes for a visit and is outraged that her mother contracted for new siding since the siding was just replaced the year before. Homeowner sues for fraud. What can she recover in a fraud action?

a. Damages

b. Penalty

c. All of the above

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