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Only the strong survive. DUI - Stop Yourself. Stop a Friend.

Parents & Guardians


Teenagers are curious and like to try new things and have new experiences. Teens often feel they can't be affected by problems that others face. So it's common for teens to try alcohol and drugs and to take the chance of driving under the influence (DUI). Teens who use alcohol and drugs at a young age are more likely to use other drugs, become violent, flunk in school, binge drink, and do dangerous things. They often don't realize that what they do today may affect their lives for years to come. That's why they need your help and support.

As a parent, guardian, or mentor, you can make the biggest difference in your teen's life. Even a straight-A student who comes home on time every night can make mistakes sometimes. That's why your teen needs your help to deal with daily pressures and temptations. It's tough for teens to make the right choices when they're still growing, trying to find themselves, sifting through society's mixed messages, and standing strong against peer pressure. Being involved in your teen's life can make a big difference in whether he or she uses drugs and alcohol or drinks and drives.

Teens may act like they're too cool to care about what you say. The truth is, they care very much what you think about them. If you make rules for teens about breaking the law while driving and make sure they face the consequences if they do, they are less likely to drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs. Your teen is less likely to give in to peer pressure or make bad choices if you set clear rules and make them stick.

Look around on the web site and learn the hard facts behind the DUI epidemic. That way you can be more prepared to talk to your teen about the risks.