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Only the strong survive. DUI - Stop Yourself. Stop a Friend.

Prevent DUI. Get Involved.

All tragedies resulting from DUIs were preventable�they didn't have to happen.

Parents need a wake-up call about the use of alcohol and drugs by millions of teens. Although there has been a big drop in tobacco and other drug use among teens, parents need to realize that underage drinking and driving is a huge problem. Many parents think teenage drinking is no big deal. But underage drinking is not a rite of passage to adulthood. Teens will suffer from alcohol-related problems later in life if they start as young as age 15. A teen's brain is still growing and can be harmed by alcohol and drugs.

The first step to stopping underage DUIs is to accept that teens are offered alcohol and drugs and often drive after using them. How can you get involved? Read on to see how you can play an important role in helping your teens make lifesaving decisions, how your teen's development affects why he or she takes risks, and how you can help your teen develop refusal skills to prevent DUIs.

Also, read tips on how you can provide a safe environment for your teen and other teens to party safely and how a teen/parent driving agreement can help you talk about drinking, driving, and setting rules.