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Only the strong survive. DUI - Stop Yourself. Stop a Friend.

What a DUI Can Do to You

The costs of driving under the influence are much higher than you might think. If a car crash causes death or injury, the costs to the driver, victims, passengers, and families of everyone involved are staggering. Paying for fines and damages is bad enough. But the personal costs of hurting or killing someone can last a lifetime. You can make the choice to not drink and drive. Stop yourself. Stop a friend. Save a life.

Here's what a DUI can cost you:

  • A really expensive traffic ticket;
  • Higher insurance rates;
  • Losing your driver's license;
  • Seriously hurting someone (high medical, rehabilitation, and treatment fees);
  • Seriously hurting yourself (high medical, rehabilitation, and treatment fees);
  • Being sued and going to court (high legal fees);
  • Damaging property and having to pay for it;
  • Killing somebody you care about;
  • Killing a stranger;
  • Being arrested and charged as a felon;
  • Serving time in jail;
  • Not being able to get into college because of a felony record;
  • Not being able to get a job because of a felony record;
  • Losing your current job, with no money to pay DUI costs;
  • Losing your dreams, your future, and your reputation with friends and family; and
  • A lifetime of guilt.

As you can see, just one DUI can mess up your dreams and goals. Read on to see how much cold hard cash a DUI can cost you.