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Only the strong survive. DUI - Stop Yourself. Stop a Friend.

Quiz: Know The Law

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Think you know what the "Zero Tolerance Law" means to you? Take the quiz...

  1. 1. BAC stands for breath alcohol control.

  2. 2. The legal BAC level for those under age 21 is 0.01%.

  3. 3. Since the BAC level for those under age 21 is 0.01%, I can drink a little and be okay to drive.

  4. 4. If you drive with a BAC level above 0.01%, you will lose your license.

  5. 5. You can suffer a one-year license suspension, even if no driving was involved in a drug- or alcohol-related offense.

  6. 6. A license may be refused to you if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse or have used a license illegally.

  7. 7. DUI convictions stay on your driver's record for 13 years and will affect your insurance premiums that entire time.