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Other Laws

Here are some other laws about alcohol, drugs, and driving for those under age 21:

  • You must be 21 before you can buy or drink alcoholic beverages.
  • It is against the law for anyone to sell or give alcoholic beverages to you or to let you drink with him or her in a bar or a store.
  • If you borrow a driver's license or change the age on yours to show that you are over 21, you are breaking the law. Any person who gives a false ID to you is also committing a crime. You cannot lend, borrow, or alter a driver's license or other ID in any way.
  • It is against the law for you to possess alcohol on any street, highway, or public place; or carry alcohol in a car; or be a passenger in a car carrying alcohol unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, even if the container is sealed and in the trunk.
  • It is against the law to enter and remain in a bar without lawful business or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The court must suspend your driver's license for a year if you are arrested for any of the violations listed above. If you don't have a driver's license yet, the court must delay your driver's license for a year.
  • It is against the law to be hired to work in any place where the main business is selling alcoholic beverages to be used on the premises or to be hired to work at any place that sells alcoholic beverages for drinking off the premises if you are under 18, unless you are under the continuous supervision of a person over 21.
  • The court will order a one-year suspension of your driving privilege if you are between 13 and 21 years old and are convicted of a drug-related offense.

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