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Only the strong survive. DUI - Stop Yourself. Stop a Friend.

Stop Your Friend From Getting a DUI

Stop yourself. Don't drink and drive.
Stop a friend. Don't let your friends drink and drive.

Here's what you can do to keep your friends from driving drunk. Friends may think that coffee, a cold shower, or fresh air is all they need to sober up. The truth is, only time can get alcohol and drugs out of the system.

  1. Talk with your friends. Make it clear that none of them should drink or use drugs. Someone who is using drugs or alcohol must promise not to drive under the influence.
  2. Politely but firmly tell the person you cannot let him or her drive home because you care. It will be tough to speak up, but your courage could save your friend's life or that of an innocent victim.
  3. Call a cab. Always bring enough cash to pay the cabbie. Don't be reluctant, because a cab fare is trivial compared to what you or your friend would have to pay in the event of a DUI.
  4. Call your parents for a ride. Yes, they'll be disappointed in your host and your friend, but they'll get over it.
  5. Have your friend sleep over at the party.
  6. Take the car keys away. Here are ways to get the keys from a drunk person.
    • Use the girl trick. If you are at a party and you know that a guy who has had too much to drink still has his keys, have one of the girls ask for the keys. The male ego may not be ready to give up the keys to another guy but will rarely refuse a girl.
    • Find the keys while your friend is distracted and take them away. Your friend might think he or she lost them.
  7. If it is a close friend, speak to him or her privately and suggest that he or she let someone else drive or take a cab or bus.
  8. Refuse to get in the car with a drunk friend who is driving. Tell him or her you will ride with someone else or take a bus or cab.
  9. If possible, do not embarrass the person or be confrontational. Speak calmly and softly.
  10. Whatever you do, don't give up. About half of drivers under age 30 admit drinking and driving at one time or another. Someone tried to stop about 80% of these people from driving and were successful about 75% of the time. Be patient. You can make a difference.

Stop yourself. Stop a friend. Don't drink and drive.