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Only the strong survive. DUI - Stop Yourself. Stop a Friend.

Prevent Yourself From Getting a DUI

Here are things you need to do to help yourself before you can help others.

1. Decide for yourself.

Each of us must make a decision about using and driving. Decide ahead of time, before the situation comes up, that you will never drink or use drugs and drive.

2. Get the facts: drinking, doing drugs, and driving kills.

Even if you never use and drive, drug-impaired driving is still your problem because you share the road with others.

3. Be a responsible host.

Never allow your friends to drive if they have been drinking or using drugs. Don't give them alcohol. Plan who will drive home. Arrange to call a taxi or organize a car pool. You and your parents can be prosecuted if you allow your friends to drink or use drugs at your party or in your home. If you let someone leave your house after they have been drinking or using drugs and they are killed or they kill someone, you will face charges.

4. Report a bad driver, call 911!

Call 911 when you see a possible drunk or dangerous driver at the wheel. It will be too late after he or she has killed someone else or has been killed. Many victims' families live with the knowledge that if just one person had made a phone call to the authorities in time, there might have been no injuries or deaths.

To spot a drunk driver, look for:

  • Really fast or slow speeds or inconsistent speeds;
  • Constant lane changing;
  • Swerving when crossing lanes;
  • Driving through traffic signals and signs;
  • Staying at stop signs for a long time;
  • Driving too close to curbs and shoulders;
  • Driving in the middle of lanes;
  • Driving with the windows down in cold weather; and
  • Driving with the head out the window.

5. For your family, friends, and neighbors, set a good example.

Let people know by your actions that driving under the influence is bad behavior. Actions speak louder than words. Never drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, even if the drugs are prescribed and legal.

6. Be a true friend.

Most problem drinkers and drug-takers deny that their dangerous driving is a criminal act. When friends have been drinking or using drugs and want to drive, don't let them! When you see that a friend is in no shape to drive, say so! If you're convinced that he or she needs help, speak up!